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Dave Dean - Yellowfin Marine Cardiff

I felt after the past two months of working with Y Broker I should put finger to key board and give you some feed back on my findings.

Firstly I would like to point out I am an independent yacht broker based in Cardiff and I work on my own, I have tried and tested a few different software packages, my findings are that although they are comprehensive they are complicated, and expensive.

I really feel that the biggest asset to my company is that I have control of my boatsand that they are not stored on some data base in oblivion. If there was ever a problem with the providers server I would lose access to my boats. Ybroker gives me complete autonomy.

The other big advantage is I only have to put my boats on the system once, due to the very simple link between the software and my Web site I can list a boat on Y broker and my Web site in minutes, when you are on your own and busy this saves time and money.

The system is very intuitive making it easy to follow and insert information, this is good for business as I don’t forget things, you simply add a note and it is there to stay and use if a reference is ever required, this has definitely saved me many times and I am sure we have made money as a result of adopting this software.

I would also like to point out another very important facture when  considering buying software and that is support, getting somebody on the end of the phone when you need them and when you do get them they can deal with the problem I cannot fault you guys for this.

I would recommended this software to anybody either established or embarking on a new venture, big or small, Ybroker would be a great asset to you

Thanks for all the help and support.


Dave Dean

Yellowfin Marine,

Malcolm Wharton - Poole Yacht Brokerage Ltd

Just a note to thank you for installing Y.Broker so quickly and giving us the tuition to enable us to use all the facilities-they certainly cover all our needs and have made managing the business a lot easier. We are now up and running and finding Y.Broker is a solid backbone to all our sales, listings and enquiries.

Thanks again.

Regards Malcolm.

Poole Yacht Brokerage Ltd.