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YBroker - About Our Yacht Brokerage Management Software

YBroker Yacht Brokerage Management Software, was developed by SCP Computers as a direct result of a request from yacht brokers whose web sites we had designed and currently host. Three yacht brokers helped in the design of the system, this was an enormous help as it helped produce a system that met all of their needs and requirements for managing their brokerages.

YBroker is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) software solution that runs on the computers in the broker’s office, it is not a web based solution. The data is stored on one of the computers in the broker's office and all of the other computers then use that data. YBroker is designed specifically as a Yacht Brokerage Management Software solution.

The YBroker Network is web based and is the term we use to describe the sharing of boat details (no client information is shared or stored on the internet) between other yacht brokers and people who are looking for boats.


Yacht brokers pay a monthly fee to use the software which they can terminate at any time. This has several advantages:

  1. No large one off payment.
  2. If they find the software does not suite their business they can terminate without the loss of a large amount of money.
  3. The latest version is always available to them.
  4. Full support is available to all license holders.

Do I Get Any Support?

All valid licence holders of our yacht broker software get free support vie email or telephone. Because our software checks for updates each time you start it you can be sure to have the latest version without the need for waiting for a new CD to arrive.

What About My Current Data?

We offer a service of converting your existing data and loading it into your YBroker database where possible.  We have written a couple of programs that will load both the data and images from FastNet software into YBroker and will be made freely available to customers who use YBroker.


YBroker requires a minimum of Microsoft Windows XP with service pack 3, .Net 4, an internet connection. (for licensing purposes). What is .Net 4 I hear you asking? To be brief it is a system used by Microsoft operating systems which allows the running and management of computer programs, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.NET_Framework for a full explanation.  As far as disk space goes,  it all depends on how many vessels and images you have on the systems. On our development database we have 800 listings with 3000 images, and 3500 contact records this uses 120MB of disk space with the 3000 images using 100MB of that space.

Advertising on the YBroker Network

As a YBroker software customer you automatically advertise your boats on the YBroker website and every boat you list provides a link to your web site and a contact form by which potential buyers can contact you and request information on one of your boats.